Company Recruitment the following staff, welcome to recommend or recommend themselves, please direct WeChat or can come to direct interview! The

1, drawing staff (to be 2 people)

description of job:

1) skilled use of graphics software 3D-MAX, Auto-CAD, PS;

2) Experience in the same industry is a plus;

Free meals, commute to the factory shuttle (to Baoying county).

2, electromechanical (to be 2 people)

description of job:

1) have an electrical basis;

2) practical ability, the mechanical maintenance, repair a certain work experience;

3) hard-working, strong sense of responsibility;

4) related toy industry mechanical maintenance experience is preferred;

5) willing to start from the apprentice, you can also interview (to novice novice training).

The company has a factory car; free meals; county staff outside the factory dormitory.

3, sales assistant (tender producer, to be 2 people)

description of job:

1) proficient in operating Word / Excel / PPT and other office software;

2) 1 year or more work experience or relevant work experience priority to understand the overall process of bidding and bidding work;

3) Responsible, able to work under pressure, have good communication skills, pay attention to teamwork;

4) meticulous work, with accounting basis, work attitude is serious, responsible, rigorous.

There are factory cars, free meals.

4, Taobao customer service (to be 4 people)

description of job:

Taobao customer service requirements:

1) can be hard-working, more than a year Taobao electricity business experience; no relevant experience can also be cultivated.

2) to communicate with customers online, to understand customer needs, to answer customer inquiries, to promote the sale of the transaction, properly handle customer complaints to ensure customer satisfaction;

3) the sales data and information of the finishing, reporting;

4) lead to other arrangements for temporary work;

Baoying employees have shuttle bus, free work meal at noon. Work in the city to arrange accommodation.

Interested parties please contact, Tel: 15312800322

Company Address: Cao Dingzhen Third Ring Road.

5, foreign trade customer service (to be one person)

description of job:

1) College degree or above, international trade, business English related professional

2) English requires four, and can communicate with customers smoothly

3) to understand foreign trade knowledge or foreign trade experience is preferred

4) familiar with the trade process and office software operation

5) requires long-term stable development, a strong sense of dedication, team spirit, for the development and innovation

6) Those who meet the relevant conditions but no relevant experience may also consider training

Location: Caoodian Sanhuan Road Baoying City to and from the bus shuttle

6, clerks, information staff (to be 2)

description of job:

1) office software familiar with the use.

2) the ability to timely completion of the task of superior delivery.

3) have teamwork awareness.

4) lively and cheerful character.

5) Excellent graduates can also be.

6) There is shuttle bus to and from get off work.

Company Address: Cao Dingzhen Third Ring Road.

7, the buyer (to be one person)

description of job:

Have sales or purchasing experience, college and above, positive attitude, no bad habits

Job Responsibilities:

1) the implementation of purchase orders and procurement contracts, the implementation of specific procurement processes;

2) responsible for the purchase order production, confirmation, arrange delivery and tracking the arrival date;

3) to implement and improve the cost reduction and control programs;

4) familiar with the procurement process, good communication skills, negotiation skills and cost awareness;

5) meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, with a strong team spirit;

6) have a good professional ethics and literacy, can withstand a certain work pressure.

Location: Cao Austrian Third Ring Road, shuttle bus transfer

8, general workers, handyman (several)

Job Requirements:

1) 18 years of age and above;

2) working hours can be 6-14 hours / day (combined with their own circumstances, apply for choice of working hours);

3) good health, hard work;

4) gender is not limited, education is not limited.

9, the driver

Job Responsibilities:

1, the car driving

     To work on time, punctual delivery staff;

     Comply with traffic laws and regulations, safe driving;

2, forklift driving

     Obey the superior management, to meet the production deployment;

      The safety of the vehicle during travel

3, to complete the task assigned to the temporary task

Eligibility conditions:

1, driver's license A2 (19 and above the bus driver's license);

2, at the same time there is a forklift card priority;

3, good health, strong sense of responsibility, hard-working;

Taobao customer service changed its name to e-commerce

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