Golden Sunshine to bring you a taste of Dubai exotic


 Dubai, the largest population of the United Arab Emirates, the richest region of the Middle East, known as the "most land of the city", also known as the Middle East and North Africa, "the trade capital! The following by the Golden Sunshine to bring you under the Dubai Style ...

    March 13 - March 16, we once again out of the country, to the international, and the world. This section we in Dubai, see highlights: the exhibition scene lively, crowded, attracting from around the world to teach toys buyers to come to the Advisory to buy.

    The main production of kindergarten facilities, outdoor large-scale combination of slides, fitness equipment, outdoor development series and children's desks and chairs, cribs, toys, storage cabinets, and a variety of puzzle desktop toys, etc .; we uphold the concept of health, Environmental protection, personality, fashion. Our aim is integrity, quality, service, efficiency.

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