Teamwork, win-win future!


 When the value of April, spring, it is a good time to travel youth, let us into the spring together, enjoy the beauty of flowers blooming, listening to the voice of blooming flowers. This spring tour, while enjoying the beautiful scenery in the spring at the same time, to promote the exchange of employees between the company to create a harmonious atmosphere of the company to enhance the company's culture, expand their influence, enrich the staff's outdoor life, cultivate sentiment.

First, unity and mutual assistance, enhance friendship --- barbecue: colleagues division of labor finishing ingredients, and some wear string, and some in the barbecue, and some prepared spices, orderly, co-operation to complete a delicious barbecue. Is the so-called creek can only thrown the broken waves, rivers and lakes sea to stimulate the stormy sea, personal and team relations as a small stream and the sea. Everyone has to integrate themselves into the collective, in order to give full play to the role of the individual.

Second, the company organized the parent-child activities: ancient Greek philosopher once said: feelings are accumulated by the exchange. Any kind of emotional sublimation depends on the exchange. Blood is thicker than water, although the feelings of parent-child is born, but we work and study spent most of the time and effort, the company make full use of the travel opportunities, so that children and parents heart and heart communication.

Third, we visited the [China Huaiyang Culture Museum]: "Fu Li at the beginning, began in the diet." Museum of modern high-tech means of distribution, the use of sound, light, electricity, animation and other modern high-tech, fully demonstrated Huaiyang cuisine culture development, innovation, heyday process, let us fully understand Huaiyang long history and cultural connotation.

Fourth, the company staff gathered together --- taste Huaiyang: work we are modest and prudent, boast industry, life we love each other. At the moment, let us raise the hands of the glass for the glorious future of the sun cheers!

Five, the team photo: memory time, keep our best moments!

Xiao Bianwen:

The tour not only for all employees to create a relaxed and free atmosphere, but also to strengthen the collective awareness of employees. As the saying goes: a drop of water only to join the sea will not devoid, a grain of sand only among the beach will not be blown away, a geese only arranged in the Yan team to fly higher and farther, an employee only into the team to Play a personal role to promote the team better development. I wish the golden sunshine more beautiful tomorrow! The The

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