Jiangsu Jinyang amusement equipment and practical management of the implementation of force


Jiangsu Jinyang amusement, brand carrying dreams!

---崛起 改革铸就新希望 


Broad and beautiful gold sunshine play, in the history of the curtain on the interpretation of the magnificent magnificent picture! Innovation and excellence of Bai Er Si teach, in the era of the stage to play the magnificent momentum of the great movement!

        In 2001, Jiangsu Golden Sunshine Optical Equipment Co., Ltd. in the turbulent business tide, the rise of the towering! After 10 years of development, in the regional market intensive, the existing staff of nearly 400, of which 53 senior management staff.

        Guiyuan reform, Zhicao lofty Jiangsu Jinyang Changle, management comrades in early April this year, unified training, learning management methods, advancing with the times, for the golden sunshine new reform, the new direction to lay a solid foundation.

      In Hao total talk about the total under the leadership of the management of Kim Sunshine jointly participated in the "Asahi shares" Zhou Guangfeng speaker "effective management executive force In House."

Learn together, and common progress, for the golden sun better tomorrow tiles ~

Jin sunshine people listen to concentrate on God

       During the training period, the teacher interacts with the trainees, and makes a question and answer, which can better guarantee the teaching effect。

       Hear an important part, we all invariably pick up the pen, the camera and other records, so that the back of the study, browse.

Hao total on behalf of all my colleagues to do internal training summary and sentiment!

Finally, to participate in the meeting of Kim Sunshine colleagues to do internal training summary, harvest, and learn to use the establishment of a near-term plan.

Xiaobian experience:

1, the first time to complete the task. This is an implementation level of the requirements, it reflects the company's efficient and fast response to the pursuit of organizational capacity. Similar to Haier's "rapid response, immediate action". Whether the execution force is in place reflects both the overall quality of the enterprise and the manager's role. The role of managers is not only to develop strategies and orders, more importantly, must have the executive power. The key to execution is to influence the behavior of employees through corporate culture, so managers are very important role in positioning is to create a corporate culture of execution. How to cultivate the executive power of the subordinates is the key to the overall implementation of the enterprise. If employees can spend more than ten minutes a day thinking about how to improve the work process, how to do a better job, the manager's strategy can naturally be completely implemented.

2, take the initiative to work. This is also an implementation level of the requirements, but it is more emphasis on the work of our employees when the psychological level. From the perspective of enthusiasm and objectives, but also stressed that the individual's ability to fully display their staff.

3, to team goals as their responsibility. This era, has long been out of solo individual heroism complex. This is a time to pay attention to the team win. A person's strength is limited, and the strength of the team is huge. Individuals have to lose their goals after the big team, large team awareness of learning is our employees should grasp the code of conduct.

4, the maximum value creation. Cost awareness! We have to learn to use the minimum cost, the smallest resources to work. At the same time to be able to share resources and information, and strive to create a good team in the learning exchange, sharing the atmosphere of cooperation.

5, the company thing is my thing. Every employee in the company must have the spirit of ownership. The company staff to do meticulous and thoughtful service, the urgency of urgency; and employees should be more positive for the company, always keep a sense of urgency, and constantly improve their work level, continue to pay attention to the progress of corporate management.

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