Golden Sunshine combination slide is very suitable for lively occasions Ranger facilities safe and durable structure, its clever design, color harmony, the various components of the clever combination of plastic, can give children a safe, happy and lively feeling.

       It combines fitness and entertainment as one, according to the children's interests and hobbies carefully designed a variety of different styles, is a new type of comprehensive children's paradise. Is aimed at children like to drill. Climb. Slide and other characteristics of the design, colorful. Entertainment strong. Full-featured. Reliable quality. The full range of facilities includes doors, bridges, chucks, roofs, stairs, platforms, columns, ladder, slides, climbing, and rope; all slides are fastened and no sharp objects protrude on each surface Have a number of models and a variety of color options; can also be based on customer needs for personalized design, production. This product is colorful, easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear, fastness, anti-aging, anti-cracking, safe and durable structure, children's slides clever design, color harmony, the various components of plastic clever combination of children's play equipment To bring the child a safe, happy and lively feeling.

      The combination of slide products from the unique and ever-changing game design, so that the construction of playgrounds, kindergarten, community in a limited space to create unlimited joy and attraction, fashion style, generous, high-end. The new amusement equipment system, the overall use of imported PE raw materials, durable and durable. Life span. The surface is more colorful electrostatic spray, anti-UV, long-term use can also maintain excellent stability effect.

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